MCS Technologies has met industry needs with design/build Services enabling client solutions through concept and construction to operations and maintenance.

MCS’s design team consists of sophisticated professionals in the areas of design and integration; CADD; cost analysis; and project management. The team partners with clients, architects, engineers, and product manufacturers to construct design concepts that meet and exceed clients’ expectations. MCS’s design-build process removes the need for placing bids and selecting contractors enabling you to save time and money as well as enhance the overall value of your system from concept to completion. Our Design Build division allows end-users to optimize their technology needs. Our team consistently meets the needs of your IT team through a systematic process of clearly defining the best technologies available for your project.

Who Hires Us?

Architects, Developers, General Contractors, End Users, and Electrical Contractors.

Types of Engagements MCS Performs

DESIGN ONLY – Pure Consulting Engagement

  • Programming
  • Producing a full set of technology drawings
  • Creating a complete set of Division 27 & 28 specifications, construction administration

DESIGN/BUILD – Total Project Accountability

  • Programming
  • Producing a full set of technology drawings
  • Creating a complete set of Division 27 & 28 specifications, construction administration
  • Building and managing project through completion

DESIGN ASSIST – Part of the Team

Work alongside client or existing consultant to be engaged early on the design side in a build project

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What Type of Budget Do I Need For My Project?

One of our specialists would be happy to assist you by providing general data to use as a starting point in your upcoming project before discussing specifics. To get quick ballpark estimates based on industry norms and our project experience, click the link below.

Who Should Be Involved in Technology Coordination?

Architect Icon


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers icon

MEP: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers

Internal team icon

Client’s Internal Team

Construction, Facilities, IT, Procurement and Marketing Key Management Personnel

Project manager icon

Client-Hired Project Manager

During The Project

Modular Furniture Vendors (AV Planning)

Electrical Contractors (Rough-ins, Pathways) Division 16

General Contractors (Schedule Expectations)

Door Vendors (Locks) and Others in Division 8

What Happens When We Get Hired?

We become a part of the project’s design team and coordinate specs, drawings, and overseeing of the project build-out.

Design Formats

  • 2D and 3D
  • Revit, Auto-CAD and other

Who Does the Design?  

Our team of in-house manufactured certified designers and engineers.

In What Phase of the Design Build Lifecycle Should You Involve MCS Technologies?

Technology is a critical part of the construction process as we allow the space to be utilized to its fullest potential in the modern workplace.


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