Design & Engineering

MCS stays at the forefront of technology and business trends, garnering a reputation for industry leading systems integration knowledge and trust. Using in-house, industry-certified, and manufacturer-trained design engineers, we work directly with clients through the design phase. With early engagement and effective communication, MCS engineers listen and provide a unique industry perspective, to ensure your requirements are clearly identified, documented and addressed very early in the design process. This approach can shorten the project life cycle, lower costs, and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Our process-driven approach results in value engineered designs that use the latest technologies and deliver highly reliable solutions that meet our clients’ budget and business objectives.

Installation & Integration

Complementing our innovative design expertise, MCS’s experienced installation and integration teams deliver your solution efficiently and with quality. We rely on our in-house, industry-certified, and manufacturer-trained engineers and technical personnel who specialize in field installation, software development, programming, training, and project documentation. Through our standards-based deployment methodology, our teams execute the most technologically sophisticated, easy to use, reliable and innovative systems available today.

Our project managers have decades of experience working across multiple technology and industry sectors. They guide your installation efficiently through the project lifecycle, with technical proficiency and field experience that ensures agility during the process. MCS project managers communicate effectively with all project stakeholders, providing weekly status reports and updates, to ensure we deliver a quality solution as designed, on time, and with the highest level of customer satisfaction

Customer Care

Improve System Uptime, Resource Availability, and Risk Reduction

MCS Customer Care and MCS Maintenance Programs ensure solution reliability after installation to keep your systems up and running. Fast, efficient, and certified support personnel work to ensure stable, dependable environments which allow your entire organization to benefit from MCS’s experience and systems integration expertise.

MCS Technical Support & Field Engineers

Staffed with a highly-trained team of industry certified engineers, the MCS Technical Support Team works to quickly resolve service incidents associated with your systems. MCS Maintenance Customer’s system details are at the fingertips of the Technical Support Team, right down to the as-built engineering documentation, system source code, and configuration files. Our experts begin to troubleshoot immediately over the phone and utilize secure remote access for real time diagnostics, enabling the MCS Customer Care to work through multi-vendor troubles with speed and efficiency. We handle the details.

If on-site resolution becomes a necessity, you are covered. MCS Maintenance customers benefit from priority scheduling of on-site service calls from skilled technicians, while Technical Support Engineering stays engaged through incident resolution. 

Preventive Maintenance & Service Delivery Management

MCS performs on-site Preventive Maintenance for your systems to ensure consistent reliability over time. The MCS Preventive Maintenance Checklist provides our field engineers with specific points to review to ensure we provide a comprehensive assessment of your system’s health. We perform adjustments to keep your system optimized, and provide an electronic copy of your report. MCS also provides an analysis of the service history including incident reports, resolutions, and strategies to continually improve your environment.

Subscription Services

With MCS Subscription Services, you can get the most advanced Communications, AV and Collaboration technology offerings – with no capital investment.

All-Inclusive Subscription Services – Fixed Monthly Payments

MCS Subscription Services includes your System Design, Hardware, Software, Professional Installation, Professional Services, Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance, and Ongoing Support Services – all included in a fixed monthly subscription fee.