Communication Systems

We provide Design, Installation & Maintenance for Analogue, Digital, and IP based systems.

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Digital Signage

  • Enterprise or Campus Networked
  • Standalone
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  • Entry
  • Loading docks
  • Client Service Points
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Network Switching & Routing

  • Stacked Enterprise or Campus Networked
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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Low Voltage Cabling

We provide Design, Installation & Termination services for the following types of cabling:

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Category Cable

Cat5, Cat6, Cat6A for data or voice

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Control Cable

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Specialty Cable

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Fiber Optic Cable

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Speaker Cable

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For TV, cable TV or satellite TV

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Coax or LMR

For various antennas or distribution systems

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Video Cable

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Audio Cable

WiFi Systems

We provide internal WLAN networks, wireless hotspots, external point-to-point links, or point-to-multipoint meshed systems for campus or business-park environments.